5 Ways for independent artists to make money


Written by: asontosuetr

All the big musicians, bands and labels started small. The path to success inevitably leads to notoriety. And that is best achieved by having as much presence as possible. But aspiring musicians are often not paid royally for their gigs, plus equipment, studio fees, travel expenses and much more. It is therefore often necessary to estimate in advance whether a performance is worthwhile.

The first two business ideas that we are introducing to you are all about this problem: The solution is to bring musicians, organizers and fans closer together. Other business models rely on music as an investment or the experimentation of music enthusiasts.

5 Ways to Earn Money From Home for Musicians

1. Sound Library

Sound libraries! One great way to make extra money is to compile beats, hooks, or instrumentals that you originally created and either sell them through your platforms or give them away to draw traffic.

You can organize these sound libraries into packs/bundles or sell them individually. As you record music you’re passionate about, you’ll be scrapping music left and right — why let that unused material sit on a hard drive when you could be putting it to work for you?

The sound library that you create doesn’t need to be attached to your name and could totally be a separate entity.

2. Writing Jingles

Actually, they can be jingles or any type of freelance composition.

Thanks to the incredible advances in technology and decent soundproofing in some room of your home, you can create professional-level musical recordings from a small studio located in your own home (the so-called home-studio). This makes the freelance composition and the recordings much easier and more accessible since you do not have to rent a studio to make those recordings. In addition, it is easier to transfer heavy digital files over the Internet, so you can do without physical and/or obsolete equipment.

Of course, there is a way to go before reaching the composition / recording stage. First, you must obtain the work to be done. The best proposals tend to come from your contacts, so knowing and establishing relationships with producers, music supervisors and other types of composers can be vital.

From home, you can establish relationships through the different websites, social networks, emails to those professionals that interest you, collectives, etc.

While there are sites that can give you certain opportunities, you have to be careful with those sites that ask for payments. The idea is to be remunerated for composing music, not to pay someone else to take your work into consideration. There will be agents who only work with jingles, so do further investigation until you find the most appropriate site to send your work to.

Ways for independent artists to make money

3. Voice-over work

Remember that home-studio that we talked about in the previous section? Good. There is a lot more you can do in it besides recording demos and composing jingles. You can also work speech there. Think beyond singing and look at the traditional voice-over work. If you sing and act, the probability that you have an excellent voice and control over your tone, volume and performance are high — welcome your transversal skills :).

You can present yourself with your own proposals directly on the internet through online audition services. It is usual to end up establishing a relationship with a particular producer and continue working even outside the hearing and selection services.

The best of all? As soon as you are ready to take the big step, making higher quality productions, the agents will be interested to see that you were able to work for yourself. So that time spent improving and recording your own practices from home will be a time well invested.

Ways for independent artists to make money

4. Rent Your Own Equipment

There are music professionals (think for example in an orchestra) who have invested a lot in resources in music in the form of sound equipment, speakers, van, lighting ... Why not let your team work for you?

To earn rent $$$ you can go to word of mouth, post on your social networks, put ads on ad websites or if you plan to do it more professionally and continuously, consider creating a website for that "company" for rent $$$ you're going to mount.

Ways for independent artists to make money

5. Teaching

A classic way to earn money using your musical gifts: teaching others. Think about packing some kind of knowledge that is useful, do a little market research and go for it. Assuming that you are a master of the subject that you are teaching and that you have teaching skills, this could be a great way to make extra scratch.

You can teach in your home or from your home through Skype or Google Hangouts.

To attract students you can make use of channels such as social networks, your own web / blog, newsletter, even ads on other websites if you think that the investment makes up for it.

We hope we have given you some idea on how to earn extra income while pursuing a music career. If you know any other way or have already experimented with others tell us in comments!