Elvis Brown


By Alex Di Marco

Screenshot from Elvis’ music video; “Congratulations”

Screenshot from Elvis’ music video; “Congratulations”

Maybe I’m biased, because Elvis Brown is most known in my life as a best friend, but there’s good reason for it!

Aside from his incredible artistry, Elvis has helped dozens of independent artists (filmmakers, performers, musicians, etc.) find their footing in the entertainment-mecca. He really is a talented, self-less dude like that.

Elvis was initially one of a duo in a group called “Speakers,” helmed by Virgin Records. He released a few songs and incredible videos with the label before going completely independent as Elvis Brown.

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Elvis’ surrounds himself with a powerful, and highly talented community of people that believe in him. He’s a true leader that looks out for his friends and in return, they look out for him. Elvis can be found rock’n out a packed show in Los Angeles or in the studio where he spends a great deal of his time.

However, he isn’t all recording and shows. He manages and consults the talent around him and builds a career right alongside. He’s one to help others first.

Hailing from Georgia, Elvis has had a crazy musical journey and more can be followed through his frequent social media posts.

Elvis’ most recent release, Maximum Exposure.

Elvis’ most recent release, Maximum Exposure.

Recently, I asked Elvis where he sees himself in the coming months and what we can expect as a followup to his most recent drop Maximum Exposure.

What are you looking forward to most in the coming months?

I'm really looking forward to releasing new music and videos. I shot some cool stuff back in Georgia for the culture. I think people will appreciate it. 

Tell us about one of your favorite music video filming experiences …

Shooting my first video with a major label was crazy. When I got to set, everything was for me, and the set designs really showed my character. That video really gave me a new respect for filmmakers.  

In terms of an independent artist's career, how valuable is releasing music videos?

I think it's a major part these days. The visuals add to the story for the record. Music videos sometimes make me like the record more than I originally did.

Describe the transition going from a "signed artist" to an independent artist?

It was a hard transition because I was used to having assistance and a team working on my every move. Being indie I quickly realized everything was on me. I had to learn how to scale things back and budget, because I no longer had there financial support.  

If you could go back and give "Day One Elvis" career advice, what would it be?

I would tell him to read every contract before he signed them.

Who are your more recent music inspirations? 

I still listen to a lot of old music but lil wayne is always playing. I been listening to YG, J. Cole and Drake, too.

Netflix or Hulu?

Hulu all day

What advice would you give to artists shooting their first music videos?

Just do something you're going to want to represent you over and over. Don't just create something cool, but timeless. 

That’s all for now on Elvis Brown. Be sure to check out his most recent video release shot in his hometown in Georgia, “Mr. MOE.”

Follow the kid on IG; @KingElvisBrown