Dipha Barus

Dipha Barus -  IG POST

Dipha Barus - IG POST

Dipha Barus is an EDM DJ act based out of Indonesia. His sound is unique, soulful with energetic undertones — and has been performed before a worldwide audience.

How did Dipha get started on the international stage?

According to Dipha’s Wikipedia article, he started playing music since he was in elementary school, when he first learned to play music, he played bass instruments. At the same time, Dipha also received more music references from his cousin who was also the initiator of Irama Nusantara, David Tarigan . Dipha's music insight is also increasingly widespread when he was in junior high school, this coincided with the increasing number of people digging for music references.

Dipha's first introduction to the world of DJ happened naturally, when Dipha accompanied his father to seek treatment in Singapore . The moment was called Dipha as one of the moments that changed his life. In Singapore, Dipha Barus met someone who told himself about drum and bass music. In addition to introducing drums and bass, Dipha was also invited to a club. From there Dipha then began to be interested in buying Aphex Twin and electronic music.

After returning from Singapore, in Jakarta Dipha continued to explore electronic music while learning to become a DJ. This is what later brought him even more into the world of electronic music.

With enthusiasm for high music, Dipha initially wanted to deepen his musicality by taking music studies at the university. However, Dipha's hope for studying music in college must be buried deeply. The father, suggested to Dipha that music is quite a hobby. Finally, Dipha took a graphic design study at Limkokwing University , Malaysia .

After graduating from college, this Karo tribe man also had a profession as a graphic designer in Malaysia. But in the end he felt he did not fit the job, and chose to return to Jakarta to pursue work related to music.

Between years 2016 and 2018, Dipha won various Indonesia-based awards in best EDM/hip hop work for "No One Can Stop Us," "All Good," "Made in Jakarta," “Money Honey” and “Decide.”

Dipha has an active presence on Instagram and can be seen promoting sold out shows all over the world. Be sure to check him out @diphabarus