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Chandler Juliet has the type of sound that reaches right into your soul and summons all of those sparkling, light-hearted vibes you knew that you always had, but never had the right way of bringing them out for yourself. phew. Chandler Juliet everyone!

Chandler is an incredible person and driven artist. She speaks with optimism and poignancy, a direct signifier to a talented, and ‘in touch’ musician.

You can catch her, her guitar, and signature white-tee with rainbow sleeves playing shows around the city of angels.

Recently, Hustlecake, was able to fire off some career and industry related questions at the young artist, but before we get into all that — first, we should probably check out a recent highlight song of hers, “Tidal Wave.” Below.

Chandler, let’s kick it off with your top 3 moments as an artist so far: 

#1 Why I decided to be an artist. The very first time I played my original songs for others was when I was a camp counselor in Michigan for a cabin of ten 11 year old girls, and I’d never received such validation for art I’ve created in my life! The girls learned my song lyrics, asked me to have cabin-porch concerts every. single. night. I loved it. They sang my songs around camp all summer and taught them to their friends in the other cabins. I practically grew a little fan base that summer and definitely felt like the “cool” counselor. I came home that summer so incredibly motivated to immediately record my songs and release them, create music videos for my songs, and haven’t looked back since. 

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#2 - When I performed at the Troubadour to a sold out crowd. I love performing so much, it’s one of my favorite parts of the artist process. There’s nothing like feeling the energy of other people in a room and the connection to other humans, music is so powerful! In my last year of college I performed a full band show to a sold out crowd at the Troubadour and I feel so fulfilled after stepping on stage and sharing music. 

#3 - Why I’m choosing to continue: Just this past week I received a message on Twitter from someone who discovered my song “burning sage” on Spotify and that it saved his life. This was super profound for me, as I’ve had many moments while listening to songs that made me feel less alone in this world and have thought “thank God this song exists” or “this song saved my life”. The power of music is so incredible, music has saved me as a listener and as a songwriter, and it feels so incredible to be able to provide that relief for others as a music creator. 

What was the first instrument that you tried and did you love it at first?

My parents are professional musicians and required my sister and I study instruments while growing up, since I’m ADD  and get bored easily, I bounced around trying a bunch of different instruments: piano, violin, clarinet, and then played cello for 9 years! Somewhere along the way I picked up my moms old classical guitar and taught myself how to play, and taught myself how to sing and write songs. That always felt so pure and authentic for me as far as expressing myself, telling stories, and having an outlet. 

How old were you when you made your first music video? Did you do it yourself? What was it like filming it?

See more on Chandler’s  Instagram .

See more on Chandler’s Instagram.

I was 19 when I made my first music video for my first ever single. I was new to the game and was so incredibly passionate about figuring out whatever it took to be an artist. I visualized what I wanted, wrote out the entire treatment, story board, schedules, booked a DP, a make up artist, funded everything (made a small budget go very far) and I didn’t realize until after the project was done that all of these duties made me the producer. I really loved the process of being in control of the storytelling of the project from start to finish. I was able to be on the technical side and when the camera was rolling, I was able to switch gears quickly and sell the performance (even though it was stressful to have to change hats so often). But I’m so passionate about film as well, and got my Bachelors at Cal State Northridge in Film/Media Management this past December. Music and film are both huge passions for me so creating music videos is always a really fulfilling experience for me as a story teller. 

What advice do you have for young female artists looking to break into the music industry?

My advice to young females is to first and foremost embrace who you are!!! Don’t change yourself for this industry, or for anyone. Be unapologetically you, and don’t compare yourself to others. Your weird is your super power, and it’s your job to put it out there. Start creating your own content and don’t wait for anyone’s permission. You know what your capable of, but the world doesn’t. So it’s your job to put it out there, but stay true to yourself and know in your heart that you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. 

NAME one music video that you absolutely love. What draws you tO it? (doesn't have to be yours).

So hard! I think one that immediately comes to mind is alt-J - “Breezeblocks”. The film is shown in reverse. Every moment reveals a new crucial detail in the story, and shows you how you can’t ever know the full story of something from an outside perspective.  

Thank you so much for this interview and these great questions!! 

Check out Chandler’s music on Spotify and all streaming platforms, and keep an eye out for her EP, “elements” that drops early 2019! 

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