Best Lyric Videos




Lyric videos – a concept that was mostly fan made – is now a crucial tool in the arsenal of today’s artist.

The concept behind releasing a lyric video is simple. Artists produce an official audio track with lyrics before the actual video is released. But what’s the point, you may ask? There are a wide variety of reasons for artists to release lyric videos. Truth is, as soon as most fans get their hands on an artist’s album, they’ll be looking to get the words right – and straight from the artist, and this can only be achieved by using a lyric video rather than some lyric site that may get the words wrong.

Releasing lyric videos also helps ensure a video with visual appeal gets to the public, creating a pleasant anticipation before the actual music video is released. Naturally, some lyric videos really stand out for their creativity. Here are six of the best treats to give you some inspiration.


6. Boys Like Girls – “Be Your Everything”

The video lyric of this song is especially appealing due to its simplicity, as the whole video was produced with a single composition notebook. However, the use of a simple notebook does not make the video feel cheap or poorly made. Beyond the words written on the notebook, the paper is used to its fullest potential; the words therein are written on paper airplanes, a cootie catcher, and ultimately crumpled up.


5. Say Anything – “Say Anything”

The video lyric of “Say Anything”, a self-titled, full-length album released by American rock band Say Anything is commendable because of its graphic design and fun use of typography. The fonts used for the lyrics are styled and put together with effortless graphics, and notes of guitar solos were humorously made when there are no lyrics on display.


4. Cassettes Won’t Listen – “Falling Apart”

The creative use of typography in this lyric video makes it stand out among others. The words flow out in such a way that they create an image of a man crisscrossing a landscape in a hot air balloon. A graphic designer was likely hired to pull this off, but the logistics involved in this one was probably cheaper than a complete music video production, and a super brilliant design was still achieved.


3. Christina Perri – “Penguin”

Christina Perri’s “Penguin” lyric video goes beyond typography and graphic design. The lyrics are presented through etchings, cut out letters, and creative stitching that, breaking the mold in the process and taking advantage of a wide range of materials.


2. Fun – “One Foot”

The coolest lyric videos make use of typographies that correspond with the song’s genre and overall mood. Fun’s “One Foot” is an ideal example. The music generally talks about moving on with the words: “put one foot in front of the other”. To blend with this description, the camera follows a well-worn pair of Converse sneakers. The lyrics in the video are hand-drawn on the ground with the shoes tromping alongside. This lyric video feels personal for its apt reflection of the actual music.

  1. Katy Perry – “Birthday”

Although Katy Perry’s “Birthday” lyric video is more elaborate and was pulled off with more resources, it still resonates with the viewers as they can read along the lines and still enjoy a beautiful video. The lyrics are written on ribbons, candles, tables, cakes, and cupcakes; of course you wouldn’t want to watch this video if you are hungry. All kinds of sugary and delicious stuff imaginable are well represented in Katy Perry’s lyric video – an ideal representation of “Birthday”.

Have you just heard a new favorite song? Of course you do know that mastering its words is key to really enjoying the release. If you don’t happen to live in the past, make good use of a lyric video: watch and learn. Lyric videos are not just mere texts. In fact, they are now chart-topping releases, and the most successful ones have garnered hundreds of millions of views. They add an entirely different character to an artist’s music and the best ones create a personal feel for you, the viewer, to really enjoy.