Behold the queen of the Rabbit Hole, Ashe!

See More on Ashe’s  Instagram

See More on Ashe’s Instagram

You may have heard some of her music via popular collabs with the likes of Louis The Child and Whethan or even on tour with the king of chicken tenders, LAUV.

MOM+POP signed artist Ashe recently released a new compilation of music under the title “The Rabbit Hole.” Listen here;

What I love so much about Ashe is A.) her, as a person, and her personality, B.) her fancy free, wanderlust-esc style of music that just makes you want to moonwalk across the clouds.



A.) The most time I’ve spent around Ashe was during the making of her music video “Choirs.” It was a super long shoot with an incredibly short turnaround time. We were to shoot, animate, and deliver this music video in a 6-day time frame. Seeing as animation — alone — takes months, this was quite a creative mission.

Ashe and Director Alex di Marco upon wrapping the “Choirs” music video

Ashe and Director Alex di Marco upon wrapping the “Choirs” music video

But, alas, there’s no better artist to take this type of endeavor on then with the likes of Ashe. She was beyond present on set, ready to roll, with multiple wardrobe/makeup changes, and perform dozens of times (both music and theatrically) in a tightly crammed 13 hour shoot. Her energy on set is what drove the crew to keep the execution flowing. If it wasn’t for her candor, we could’ve easily sputtered out of fuel at the 10 hour mark.

Thankfully we didn’t and that final video can be seen here!

B.) Subjectively, Ashe’s style of music could be best described if you were to take today’s nuances of growing pains and record those feelings inside of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory — or is it Charlie’s chocolate factory? Then, you take all of the awesome personality traits of Ashe, herself, and put the final spin on the master. There. That’s Ashe’s style of music in a nutshell. Shit. I don’t think I did it any justice, but hopefully I’m leading you down the path to becoming a fan. Because, let’s face it, you could be missing out.



Ashe is by far one of the greatest artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. If you’re lucky, you’ll go see her perform live.

Check out the behind the scenes filming of Choirs.

Lastly, I leave you with the video and song that first caught my attention when discovering this kick-ass artist; “Right To It” by Louis the Child featuring Ashe.