Hustlecake is proud to announce a partnership with smart link creation service, Songlink. We feel that the smart link creation tool is a significant value add for all musicians. Why? Artists tend to share one link at a time in social media bios, accounts, etc. Why not have everything in one, beautifully organized place (like the Adele example above)?


Search for a song by name or URL to find it on Songlink. Then share share, share 

1. Make sure Songlink supports the song or album you want to share

2. Find the song or album on Songlink

3. Share the Songlink!

What is Songlink?

Songlink’s service finds each song and album on every streaming platform, so you can share one link and allow everyone to listen.

If you're a recording artist or record label, sharing your music with Songlink enables you to grow your audience faster and more efficiently. We route users to whichever streaming platform they use and love, which means that every single person who clicks on one of your Songlinks will be able to listen to your sound. As an added bonus for artists, we allow fans to purchase your music by providing links to it on digital stores like iTunes and Amazon.

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find the song or album. Then all that is left to do is share, share, share!