I want a live action lyric video!

A live action lyric video qualifies as a music video production since we’ll need to source talent, permits, equipment and everything else that goes into producing a live action lyric video. Contact us for this.

How many revisions do I get?

We offer ONE round of revisions. Please reply with revisions within 24 hours of receiving your video. Failure to respond within 24 hours reserves us the right to deny revisions. 

What if I want to be in my lyric video?

This would qualify as a traditional music video production. There are two ways to go about this;

  1. Send us footage you already shot.

  2. Contact us to organize a music video shoot.

How long can my song be for a lyric video?

No longer than 4 minutes. Tracks over 4-minutes may be denied. 

Do I need to provide lyrics?

Yes! Absolutely. Adding the desired lyric video style to your cart, paste the lyrics to the video within the prompt window.

Will my lyric video be delivered in HD?

Yes! Videos are exported in 1080 HD.

Refund Policy.

We do not offer refunds at this time. Funds go to our creators and that work cannot be done. Please do your absolute best to describe what you’re looking for so that any unsatisfied scenario can be avoided.