Who follows your influencers?

Typically, each of influencers are based in Los Angeles and have an entertainment-related following.

Where will my music be played?

On our influencer’s story. Where it will remain for the full 24 hours. In addition, your handle will be tagged in the story so that you can easily link to it and even share the story yourself.

Can I choose my own influencer to upload a story?

We offer options for you to help navigate the type of influencer you want uploading your music. As far as specific selections, we only use our trusted network of influencers.

Who are your influencers?

In most circumstances, we’ve worked exclusively with each influencer on projects or have personal relationships with them. Our influencers are usually creatives, themselves; models, singers, dancers, etc. 

Can you guarantee traction?

Our influencers command a minimum of a 3% engagement rate on their profile feeds. This means that their accounts receive strong traction in general. However, we can’t guarantee traction. 

How can I get better traction?

Quality content is king. If people love your track, people love your track. We can’t control how people choose to engage with your music, but we can put it in front of them and find out.

What if I don’t like the influencer playing my track?

We do the best to line up the right influencer with your style of music. We also try to make sure that it fits the influencer’s own branding so that their audience will engage properly. Unfortunately, sales are final since the influencer is contracted prior to uploading. 

Refund Policy.

We don’t currently offer refunds on our services.